Designed for light-medium duty applications, our Mini DD Downdraft Table is economical, portable and easy-to-use. The Mini DD captures fumes, smoke and dust right at the source, before they can compromise indoor air quality.

Fitted with multi-stage spark arrestance baffles, industrial swivel casters, and standard 120V single-phase input power, this downdraft table offers plug and play convenience. The four screw knobs located on the right side of the machine allow for easy access to the paper pleated panel filter.

With many options and accessories available, you can custom order the Mini DD in almost any configuration. Our pre-assembled application kits offer the best value. The welding, grinding, deburring package, which adds side and back walls, second-stage metal mesh prefilter and grounding lug is one of our more popular options.


  • Simple to use, plug and play design
  • Ultra-small footprint & no permanent ducting
  • Capture-at-source for cleaner air
  • Compliant with OSHA guidelines for safe capture of dust, smoke and weld fumes


  • Flexible 38” x 30” Worksurface
  • High Capture Face Velocity (250 FPM)
  • 1.0 HP Belt Drive Blower producing 1200 CFM of Airflow
  • Multi-stage Spark Arrestance Baffling
  • Industrial Swivel Casters


  • Can be custom built-to-order
  • Add-on side and back walls
  • Second-stage Mesh Filter
  • Grounding lug
  • HEPA Filter