Doug GellnerThe Dust Control Solutions team are professionals in the air Pollution Control Industry, with over 35 years experience in management positions in the air filtration and dust control market. We have brought to market many innovative technology breakthroughs with new filtration materials and techniques such as flue gas desulfurization. We have emerged over the years as a one-stop solutions provider for any dust, mist, fume or odor control project you may have. We are an experienced easy to deal with company with a broad range of knowledge for either a project starting from initial conception or just upgrading your current equipment, filters or replacement parts.

Dust Control Solutions

We are a design, build, solution provider of air pollution control systems, dust collection equipment, filters, and associated equipment. Our products include cartridge dust collection filters, baghouse filters, flat panel air filters, supported & non-supported bag filters, filter media and frames, automatic roll media, gas phase absorbers, gas turbine intake filters, cyclone dust filters, bag dust collectors, baghouses, cartridge collectors, portable weld or fume collectors, and most replacement parts and filters.

We are specialists in handling combustible and potent dusts using wet collectors, mist collectors, high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration systems, side access housings and activated carbon absorbers. Products are used for but not limited to, air cleaning of processes used in industrial plants, utilities, wood shops, welding shops, schools, nuclear plants and gas turbines.

Industries served include aerospace, automobile, chemical, pharmaceuticals, food, glass, laser machining, metalworking, mining, painting, plastics, blast cleaning, electrostatic powder coating, ceramics, utility and commercial power generation plants, waste to energy plants, transfer stations, cement, steel and aluminum plants. We supply the best equipment or replacement parts and filter solution based on your specific application needs.