CARTRIDGE MEDIA COLLECTORS incorporate horizontal, vertical or high pressure designs and utilize a variety of filter media technologies to provide filtration efficiencies to 99.98% down to .5 micron. Cartridge media dust collectors efficiently control airborne particulate caused by most types of industrial processes, including smoke and fume applications, as well as powder coating, hand bagging, mixing and grinding applications. The INTERCEPT product line is a comprehensive collection of cartridge collector configurations to suit most industrial process dust applications.


Wet type dust collectors are designed for the capture of wettable and sinkable contaminants. The UniWash patented, five stage filtration process scrubs particulate out of the air and collects it as wet sludge. These systems are ideal for a variety of plant or foundry processes, including metal grinding and deburring operations, buffing and

UNIWASH ULTRA Option for Wet Type Dust Collectors

The ULTRA system option provides an additional nozzle scrub in addition to the standard five-stage impingement scrub method. The additional scrub and automatic sludge removal is accomplished through a pump, separator and recirculating water system. Strategically located nozzles spray the continually filtered, recirculating water against the contaminated airstream to provide a sixth “ULTRA” filtration stage. The automatic sludge removal and the recirculating water system is entirely self-contained. This unique design provide effective capture of contaminants smaller than 3 micron. Finely divided metallic dusts, graphite and chrome process dusts, warm forming applications, and other processes where dust “fines” are continually released as a result of the process will benefit from the ULTRA scrub process.


Plant facilities are cleaner, sensitive equipment and controls are protected, and worker comfort and safety are enhanced when a MACHINEMASTER system is directly connected to an operation as a source capture device.


SHAKEMaster Shaker Type Dust Collectors offer an envelope bag design in a wide range of system volumes. New SHAKER JUNIOR systems are available in capacities under 1000 CFM! Contact our engineering department for immediate information on this new SHAKER type system.


SIDEKICK (PSK) Portable Cartridge Dust Collector Systems are available in a variety of configurations, including portable down draft benches. Sidekick systems offer a small footprint in a self-contained work area for source capture of a variety of bag dumping, welding, cutting, brazing or other portable, hand-held operations.


TORNADO Cyclone Collectors are dry mechanical collectors utilizing centrifugal force for dust filtration. Cyclone collectors may be used in series with each other, as a pre-filtration system in front of higher efficiency systems, or for product reclamation. These collectors are applicable to many operations, including material handling, waste disposal, process dusts, combustible metal dusts, and wood shops.


DOWN DRAFT BENCH Systems: Wet Type, Cartridge, Portable, and Stationary Benches are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations as small as 16″ x 28″ grated work surface, up to multi-station ten man work systems allow for worker protection while performing hand finishing operations.


For isolation and capture of fugitive dust, smoke and fumes ….. ENVIRO-CELL Environmental Work Cells are work spaces designed to isolate and capture contaminants where welding, grinding, sanding and mixing operations are conducted. Contaminants are removed from the open production area and contained within the booth. The ENVIRO-CELL eliminates the need for central dust collection systems and provides a clean, safe working environment.


SIDE-ARM Flexible Exhaust Arms: This exhaust arm is designed specifically for processes where increased airflow at the point of capture is required, maintaining efficient performance in situations where the source capture device may not be placed in an optimum position to the process, or where the hood is located with a longer ducted distance from the ventilation equipment. A variety of orientations and mountings are offered. SIDE-ARM Exhaust Arms can be attached to UniWash and most other brands of cleaning and ventilation systems!


The C-Clean Filter Cleaning Station is a fully contained glove-box station that provides cartridge filtration for your filter cleaning process. Designed specifically for cleaning cartridge filters, the C-Clean is an ideal system for cartridge maintenance in fluid media applications and where manual cleaning is preferred in dust collection applications.


We provide a full line of replacement items for all UniWash machines including filters, mist eliminators, valves, belts, bearings, conveyor parts, and water level controls.

  • Mist Eliminators
  • HEPA Filters
  • Motor/blower parts
  • Spun Bond Polyester Filters
  • Fans
  • Felted Polyester Filters
  • Cartridge Filters
  • Cellulose Filters
  • Minipleat V-Bank Filters
  • Conventional Bags
  • Panel Filters
  • Pleated Bags
  • Pocket Filters


A properly maintained machine is more dependable, safer, and lasts longer. Guarantee a long life for your UniWash equipment with a UniWash Preventative Maintenance Kit contains filters and consumable parts specifically for your UniWash dust collection system.

  • Eliminate down-time – have wear and tear parts on hand when needed
  • Remove pollutants – keep your machine running as it was intended
  • Avoid Inflation – buy at today’s prices

The bottom line is efficient, dependable and cost effective performance of your UniWash dust collection system.