For a little over a decade Imperial Dust Collection Equipment has offered manufacturers the most advanced and reliable dust and fume collection equipment. All of their dust collection equipment is manufactured and shipped from their shop in western Pennsylvania. They take pride in offering a quality product that exceeds expectations. For maximum cleaning performance, combine their products with the CMAXX Dust and Fume Collector and the DeltaMAXX Cartridge Filters.

CMAXX Dust Collector System

CMAXXThe CMAXX Dust Collector System is designed with revolutionary PD Technology for Maximum Cleaning Performance.The CMAXX Dust Collector System has 10% more filter media than other same-sized vertical cartridge collectors. The internal area of the CMAXX dust collector system offers 20% more area around the cartridge filters causing more dust to drop in the hopper before attaching to the filters.

CMAXX Laser and Plasma Fume Extraction

CMAXX Laser & Fume ExtractionThe CMAXX Laser and Plasma Table Fume Extraction System comes completely wired from the factory. All you need to do is plug it in and push start. When it comes to its heavy duty modular construction and reliable performance, the CMAXX Laser dust collector system model has true CMAXX dust collector system qualities. This packaged dust collector system comes standard with the DeltaMAXX Nanofiber fire retardant pleated filter cartridges.

DeltaMAXX Cartridge Filters

DeltaMAXXThe DeltaMAXX Dust Collector Cartridge Filters by Imperial Systems deliver the longest filter life, cleanest air and the greatest cost savings.

DeltaMAXX Dust Collector Cartridge Filters Advantage:

  • Up to Twice the Filter Life
  • Most Advanced NanoFiber Technology – The NanoFiber surface stops submicron particles from entering and becoming embedded into the media beneath the NanoFiber
  • MERV 15 Filtration Efficiency – Best in the Industry
  • Reduced Dust Collector Operational Costs
  • Lower Operational Mass Emmisions
  • Less Pulse Cleaning – Dust is easily pulsed off of the NanoFiber media because it remains on the surface
  • Industry’s Best Surface Loading Technology – Enhances dust cake release, leading to longer filter life
  • Highest Quality Pleated Media – 99.9% Efficiency .3 to .5 Micron
  • DeltaMAXX NanoFiber Dust Collector Cartridge Filters have a very fine surface layer of synthetic fibers that blocks the particulate before it embeds deep into the media.

DeltaMAXX Dust Collector Cartridge Filters are manufactured for all makes and models of cartridge dust collectors.