AerPro offers air cleaners from 100 CFM to over 8SB800 SB1500.png,000 CFM. From simple small rooms to large “Push-pull” systems for large grinding and weld shop application to various odors. We offer competitive products to match your application.

We offer a large variety of filtration systems to meet your requirements, ranging from media filtration systems , carbon bed filtration, UV, ozone and hydroxyl technology to as well as self-cleaning filtration devices. Most of the systems we sell are modular, scaleable and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Ambient Air Cleaners

AerPro Ambient Air CleanerThe AerPro Model 1MV Series is designed for safe and efficient ambient collection of process dusts, mist , and smoke.

Concept of Ambient of Free-Hanging Air Cleaners

  • Ambient or Free hanging – Locating air cleaners in a space which they are free to blow and draw air as they can. No ductwork is connected between the unit and where the particulate is created.
  • “T” or Criss-Cross Air Pattern – Locating air cleaners in a facility such that a pattern of air discharged from the air cleaner crosses the area to be captured by another in a back and forth pattern, from unit to unit.
  • Race track pattern – Locating air cleaners in a facility such that air is caused to move around the space in a oval racetrack pattern.

The “T” cross flow allows for the unit(s) to blow across the room with the airflow coming into the unit from each end. This type of air pattern is very useful for wide rooms or areas such as welding bays.

Therefore, it is a common misconception that the dirty air is sucked into the unit, where in fact, the dirty air is blown into the suction zone. The inlet area acts like a catcher’s mitt, One question that is always asked, is how does the dirty air in the center of the room get to the unit? When the unit(s) are on, the air stream coming from the blower produces a high pressure zone. The inside air is a low-pressure zone. The low-pressure zone rotates to the direction of the high pressure and slowly feeds into the high-pressure air stream. 

There is always a portion of the dirty air rising into the airstream in addition to the amount of suspended dirty air particles trying to get captured in the airstream. Because of this limitation a free hanging system can never achieve 100% efficiency. However, efficiencies that range from 60% to 90% can be achieved.

Wet Aer Products

AerPro Wet Dust CollectorStandard Construction & Features:

  • All welded 304 Stainless steel
  • Welded 304 Stainless precision balanced blower wheel
  • Durable marine grade powder coating
  • Blower Motor TEFC 208/230/460/3/60
  • Standard Control push button w/overload
  • Automatic fill with float system
  • Built-in sound suppression
  • NPT drain locate on rear
  • Easy Access Door
  • Sloped front for sludge removal
  • Unit comes with sludge rake


  • OSHA Compliance Package
  • NFPA Compliance Package
  • Differential Pressure Gauge
  • High/Low Water Level Sensors w/ Auto Shutdown
  • Water Filtration
  • UL Certified Control Panel
  • Explosion Proof Motor

Down Draft Products

AerPro Downdraft TableThe AERPRO Model SB-800DT is a compact, modular, cost-effective downdraft table. It solves in-plant dust/smoke control problems in a wide variety of applications that include the chemical, metalworking, pharmaceutical, food, and wood-working industries.

Features & Benefits

  • Quiet at 66 dBA.
  • Ergonomic Design with 6” table over hand and 4 1/2” of toe room.
  • Non-sparking all aluminum work surfaces and side panels. (Steel top optional).
  • All stainless table hardware; latches and hinges.
  • Time proven shaker bag filter cleaning.
  • Long filter life.